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The cathedral town of Lafferton seems idyllic, but in many ways it is just like any other place. As part of the same rapidly changing world, it shares the same hopes and fears, and the same kinds of crime, as any number of towns up and down the land.When one day DC Simon Serrailler is called in by Lafferton’s new Chief Constable, Kieron Bright, he is met by four plainclothes officers.


A Question of Identity

How do you find a killer who doesn't exist?

Number seven in Susan Hill's Serrailler series of detective novels, A Question of Identity is published in paperback 4 September 2013.


The Betrayal of Trust

Heavy rain falls on Lafferton, flooding the cathedral town and causing a landslip out on the moors. As the rain water slowly drains away, a shallow grave - and a skeleton - are revealed. It doesn't take long to identify the remains as those of missing teenager Harriet Lowther, who as last seen sixteen years ago. But a cold case isn't priority for a police force already struggling with staff shortages and cuts: if Detective Inspector Simon Serrailler is to solve the case, he will have to do it alone.


The Shadows in the Street

Serrailler is taking a well-earned sabbatical on a distant Scottish island after a successful but difficult and dangerous S.I.F.T. case. But he is soon called back to Lafferton when the bodies of two prostitutes are found .. and it doesn`t stop there.  Postage and packing is free in the UK. For addresses in Europe, including Eire, it is a flat rate of £5 per parcel. We are sorry but we do not ship to the rest of the world.


The Vows of Silence

A young woman, recently married and happy, is shot in her own flat after opening the door to a gunman. Her husband is prime suspect – except that he has no motive nor is there any evidence. Then there is another shooting, though without any apparent connection between this and the first. Serrailler, now a DCS, has plenty on his hands, there is a high profile wedding at the Cathedral, to be attended by Royal guests, and he has a family crisis distracting his attention.  Postage and packing is free in the UK. For addresses in Europe, including Eire, it is a flat rate of £5 per parcel.


The Risk of Darkness

Children have been vanishing. There are no leads - just a kidnapper at large. The police have failed, the families are distraught and morale at Lafferton station has collapsed. Then Detective Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler receives a call: a child has been snatched in Yorkshire. Has the abductor struck again? And will they find this child alive? In The Risk of Darkness Simon Serrailler takes on serial killing and kidnap, evil and innocence. The result is a compulsively readable and often chilling novel. £7.99 Signed copy.  Postage and packing is free in the UK.


The Pure in Heart

It is spring in the quiet English cathedral town of Lafferton when a little boy is snatched as he stands with his satchel at the gate of his home, waiting for his lift to school. Meawhile a severely handicapped young woman hovers between life and death and an ex-con finds it impossible to go straight.... Haunting and truthful, gripping and convincing, The Pure in Heart is a fascinating crime novel and an utterly absorbing read.  Postage and packing is free in the UK. For addresses in Europe, including Eire, it is a flat rate of £5 per parcel.


The Various Haunts of Men

A woman vanishes in the fog on "the Hill", an area known locally for its tanquillity and peace. The police are not alarmed; people usually disappear for their own reasons. But when a young girl, an old man and even a dog disappear no-one can deny that something untoward is happening in this quiet cathedral town. Young policewoman Freya Graffham is assigned to the case; she's new to the job, compassionate, inquisitive, dedicated and needs to know - perhaps too much.